Buy. Sell.





Shopping hours

APRIL 17, 2019

Pre sale shopping for volunteers & consignors


Pre sale pass shopping  (purchase for $5)



April 18, 2019

Free pre sale for new moms, new grandparents, and military.

1:00- 7:00pm
Public Sale – free entry!

APRIL 19, 2019

Morning closed for restockin5

Public sale- free entry!

(The sales floor will be cleared of shoppers between 6:30 and 7:00)

Volunteer, consignor and $5 pass entry for 1/2 price sale. All items marked reduce on the tag are 1/2 off!


APRIL 20, 2019

Half Price day

Public entry 1/2 price sale

Items marked reduce on the tag are 1/2 off



Consignor pick up.

*All items not picked up by 6:30 will be donated.





Shopper Details


  • Cash and credit accepted
  •  All Sales FINAL
  • We have a limited number of IKEA bags to use during your shopping experience
  • We will have bags for your purchases but feel free to bring reusable bags if you would like to be green!
  • Wagons and Strollers are welcome
  • Children are welcome, they MUST stay with you at all times
  • Children cannot play with the toys, they belong to the consignors
  • Everything is sold as is, please make sure to check your items before you purchase. We do check items but things can slip past us sometimes.
  • For Large Item purchase, please detach the lower portion of the hang tag (the part with the bar code). Take this portion with you to check out. After you pay we have a convenient pull up door for large item pick up. This way you have free hands to shop! No hauling huge items with you 🙂